Attention Café Fans

by Admin

So it’s rainy and cold and about time for an update. Tom has officially left the Cafe, but have no fear! He is roasting for Cultiva Coffee again! Due to this new change, we are officially serving Cultiva Coffee once more (Hurray!). In case it has been unknown to any customers, we are also on a weekly rotation with four other fantastic coffee shops from around the nation as well including: Novo out of Denver, Colorado, Counter Culture out of Durham North Carolina, Conscious Coffee (roaster of the year 2011) located in Boulder,Colorado and Coffee Emergency straight outta Lincoln. So come on down and stay warm with some fantastic coffee during the fall and winter.

We are officially serving Cultiva Coffee!

I want to officially apologize to the Ginger Lemonade lovers. We are done serving the delicious Lemonade until Spring 2012, because c’mon, it’s a summer drink folks. BUT in its absence we are now serving homemade pumpkin spice lattes for you festive loving sons of guns. And although I personally abstain from anything pumpkin-esque, I have heard of the heavenly-ness of this new drink. So come eat and drink and be merry with us!

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