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A Playhouse for Everyone

by Admin

In 2012, the Playhouse began a new outreach program called A Playhouse for Everyone. A cornerstone of this program is providing free performances to Title I schools in our community. Each student who comes to the Playhouse not only gets to watch a production, they also receive their very own copy of the book that inspired the play. The audience also has the opportunity to have their books signed by cast members.

Lincoln Community Playhouse is requesting books to give to children attending two free performances of Miss Nelson is Missing for Title I schools on Wednesday, April 15, 2015.

Children from low-income families will be the primary beneficiary of the performances. Many of the children have never been to a performance of a live theatre production and we can visually see the change in the students from when they enter the building (apprehensive, unsure of what they are about to experience) to when they are on the way to the buses afterward (many smiles!). Teachers discuss the differences between the book and the play with the students when they return back to the classroom.

Indigo Community is the nonprofit arm of Indigo Bridge Books & Café. We work with programs to provide books ‘at cost’. This means that we allow them to purchase books from us for the same amount that the book costs us to order. We don’t take any profit on those orders because our mission centers on increased literacy for children. Sometimes even the lowest cost possible is too much to manage and we ask the community to help fill the gap. Miss Nelson is Missing is offered to you the same way we would sell them to LCP – at cost.

  • mary kay

    How can we help? The director of this play, Jane Schiermeyer, is our son Matt’s fiancée. This is a great idea and we want to support the project.

    • Admin

      You’ve already shared the information on Facebook, thanks! If there are people you think would want to get involved, you can email them the information directly. Otherwise, continue to remind people that they can donate copies all of this month.