Cake & Death Parlor

by maddie


A new, monthly gathering for the curious, the intrigued, the intrepid, and fans of cake.

Late last year while working in the rear of the bookstore, I overheard two young women talking about death. No one had died, no one was dying, and the subject came to an abrupt end when one of the women remarked, “I don’t really want to think about it.”

At this point, I intervened and shared that death was the subject of a new gathering at the bookstore starting January 29. Perhaps they might be interested in attending. At that point, the tone changed. Yes, as a matter of fact. They would be interested. Even the woman who said she did not really want to think about death was interested.

It’s these kind of off-hand conversations over the last few years that inspired Indigo Bridge Books and Cafe to consider and then launch a new conversation around the topic called Cake & Death, a parlor discussion featuring readings and yes, cake.

The format is simple. Each meeting has a topic, featured quote, or passage from a reading announced prior to each meeting. While no one is required to read or purchase the selected materials, it may be useful. To break the ice, a short writing and drawing activity will begin and/or end the meeting.

All discussions are shepherded. It is not a lecture. No one faith tradition or philosophy drives the conversation, nor is it an opportunity to proselytize others to a particular faith or philosophy. While those who have experienced the death of a friend or loved one are welcome, Cake & Death is not a therapy session for the grieving. It is the opportunity for participants to discuss death candidly, with a spirit of inquiry, and without the wringing of hands to change the subject.

The first Cake & Death Parlor will be held in the Wood Room at Indigo Bridge Books on Monday, January 29, at 7pm. Participants should be 18+. Parents should accompany children and youths 18 years old and younger.

The first meeting draws from two articles: “Life After Life” by Christine Colby, which appeared in the August/September 2017 issue of Bust Magazine, and “Holding On and Letting Go,” published in the May 2014 issue of Sojourners Magazine. For more information or to request a PDF copy of one or both of the articles contact Madeline DeVeney at or by calling the store at 402-477-7770.

-Belinda Acosta

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