Indigo is a great place to join a book club, host one of your own or find the books you need to read. Book clubs receive 15% off the cost of their selected titles. Here you’ll find the book clubs we host, other book clubs that meet here, what we are reading, and how you can join in on the discussion.

Would you like to suggest a theme for a monthly book club? Have you been looking for space to meet and talk books? Let us know what you have in mind. Send us a message, and we’ll add it to the list of possibilities.

Graphic Novel Book Club


Known to the group as GNBC, this book club self-describes their meeting as, “We spend anywhere from 1-3 hours discussing the reading selection, related topics and things not even tangentially related. Whenever possible we make-up excuses to see comic adaptations together. Or have a holiday party. Or play board games.” Book club books are available for 15% off.

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Human Rights Book Club


This book club meets monthly to discuss topical books for culturally relevant human rights crises. The members work to humanize groups in our society that may get unfairly represented in news media, court systems, cultural media and every day life.

Book club books are available for 15% off.

No Upcoming Meetings Are Scheduled

Young Adult Book Club

The Young Adult Book Club is a group that meets the Last Tuesday of every month to talk about young adult fiction. Book themes will range from society to relationships and everything in between. Discussions will be held with an open, free-flowing format that allows for everyone’s ideas to be heard and explored.

Book club books are available for 15% off.

Our Next Meetings Are Scheduled For: