At Café Indigo you can get more than a cup of coffee. 100% of all coffee purchases go directly to a local cause. That means we lose money on every coffee, but the community wins! To see how this money is spent, follow us online with the hashtag #BrewedToDoGood.

When you walk through the door, you will see that our emphasis in education and community is present in every corner of the café. Our dedicated baristas will greet you at the counter, where you will have plenty of time to peruse the drink menu and other food items from local businesses.

Drink in-hand, you can have a seat at one of our many tables. One of the seating areas is more open, placed next to the big front windows. This spot is great for mingling with the people who walk into the store. Or, you may choose the quieter seating area. This more enclosed space, lined with dark wood walls, lends well to studying or quiet conversation. Also, in this space is our book exchange. This bookcase contains books Indigo staff and patrons have donated.

You can relax at one of the tables as long as you like, reading a book from the book exchange, working on a laptop, planning out your weekend from what you read on the community board, or chatting up one of our frequent patrons. You never know what you can learn.