DISCUSSIONS is where you will find our event series centered around addressing a social, legal, or cultural problem of our time. It takes multiple forms, from documentary collections, to book groups, to experetly led panels.


Our goal in this series is to open individuals up to parts of feminism they don’t have first hand experience in, since feminism is not a singular experience . We want to educate and empower people within their community while providing a safe space for individuals to talk about their oppression.

Our Next Meetings Are Scheduled For:

Death Penalty Vote

This series is creating a space of learning to help prepare Nebraskan citizens to cast an informed vote for the November 8th, 2016 Nebraska Death Penalty Repeal Referendum.

We kicked off this series with a Human Rights Book Club discussion of the book “Just Mercy” by Bryan Stevenson. We will have multiple events leading up to the vote.

Regarding the Nebraska Death Penalty Repeal Referendum:

A vote FOR the measure would repeal Legislative Bill (LB) 268, the law that banned the death penalty, and would reinstate the death penalty in our state.

A vote AGAINST the measure would retain LB 268 and uphold the ban on the death penalty.

No Upcoming Meetings Are Scheduled