Author Reading: Kimberly Arms Shirk

We're pleased to have Lincoln author Kimberly Arms Shirk in the store for a reading and signing of her memoir, Remote Fears and Silver Linings. In 1997 Kimberly Arms Shirk was struck by an electrical current six times as powerful as the electric chair and survived.  Now, she shares her personal story of Silver Linings in the midst of remote fears. A motivational speaker since 1998, Kimberly inspires audiences with her story of a walk through fire and the capacity to channel that strength into everything you do, despite the circumstances.  Since her accident Kimberly speaks with passion about the importance of Safety in the WorkplaceRunning, not Walking through the Fire of Tragedy and Finding Faith at the End of the Road. She is a Senior Marketing Advisor for Talent Plus, freelance writer/speaker and chief engineer of her family: her husband Chad, two sons Caleb and Logan,  and their daughter Addison.