Cake & Death Parlor

Indigo Bridge is excited to host a new discussion series, Cake & Death Parlor!
The format is simple. Each meeting has a featured reading or topic announced prior to each meeting on the Cake & Death Facebook page. While no one is required to read or purchase the selected materials, it may be useful. A quote or a passage from the reading is the centerpiece of the evening’s discussion. To break the ice, a short writing and drawing activity will begin and/or end the meeting.
All discussions are shepherded. It is not a lecture. It is not driven by any one faith tradition or philosophy, nor is it an opportunity to proselytize others to a particular faith or philosophy. While those who have experienced the death of a friend or loved one are welcome, Cake & Death is not a therapy session for the actively grieving. It is the opportunity for participants to discuss death candidly, with a spirit of inquiry, and without the wringing of hands to change the subject.
Discussions take place on the last Monday of the month at 6:30 PM.