Thank you for thinking of Indigo Bridge in connection with your event. As a small, independent bookstore and nonprofit, one of our goals is to partner with both schools and also organizations that are in line with our mission statement.

Indigo receives multiple donation requests each week and we must consider how well the event meshes with our current community projects and store mission. As much as we’d love to support every organization and event, we can only donate to some of the programs that contact us. Please note that we cannot give cash donations.

In order to help us better determine if we can donate to your event, please email the following information to

1. Indigo needs a printed or emailed Request for Donation letter that includes your organization’s logo.
2. When and where is your event?
3. How do you plan to use donations (raffle, drawings, prizes)?

We request at least four weeks advanced notice for projects. The volume of requests necessitates that we dedicate a day each month to sort our paperwork and determine how to allot the month’s resources.

Thank you, again, for getting in touch with us and please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Aja Martin
General Manager
Indigo Bridge