Beer for All Seasons

A Through-the-Year Guide to What to Drink and When to Drink It

Author: Randy Mosher
Publisher: Workman
Publication Date:
Genre: Cooking
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Beer is an evocative drink. There is a beer for every mood, for every season. A hefeweizen suggests a perfect summer day in Germany. A barleywine transports you to a warm fire after a cold winter’s day. An amber ale is redolent of red leaves on a crisp fall day. Randy Mosher, author of the gold standard of beer books Tasting Beer, writes about beer in a way that is clear, informative, and entertaining.

“This cycle of beers ties us to something bigger than our short-lived whims and provides some structure for our explorations. As each new round of seasonal beers pops up in the stores, the beer landscape changes, mirroring the world outside.”

In his new book Beer for All Seasons, Mosher guides us through what to drink for every season, holiday, and festival. Not only that, but he digs into the history of beer styles and gives answers as to why certain beers are so closely associated with seasons. This is a beautiful and well-researched book full of helpful graphs, beer art and artifacts, and many ideas for pairings.

Randy Mosher is the authority of beer, and this books seals his reputation.

  • Randy Mosher

    Very good review. Thanks, Andy. I would also recommend this book.

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