Invisible Monsters

Review by Dustin

Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Publisher: W.W. Norton
Publication Date:
Genre: Fiction
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The second novel Palahniuk ever wrote, Invisible Monsters is a wrenching tale of beauty and extreme ugliness. Shannon, the narrator, is a former model whose jaw has been shot off. The opening of the book is a chaotic scene in which a fairly confusing confrontation between the main characters of the novel is happening inside of a burning house where there has, apparently, just been some sort of wedding. The rest of the story is a convoluted recounting of the past as told to the dying Brandy Alexander, “Queen Supreme”, a transsexual who has been wounded in the opening altercation. The platform of the book critically examines many different views on beauty and worth. Although shocking and outlandish at times (most of them), the novel transcends a simple world-view shock and becomes a touching tour de force of Mr. Palahniuk’s.

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