Little Hoot

By Aja

Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date:
Genre: Children
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You might recognize the name Amy Krouse Rosenthal from a recent NYT article “You May Want to Marry My Husband”. So far it’s had millions of reads and touched the hearts of people world-wide.

I knew her before that, from the books Little Hoot, Little Oink and Little Pea. In a world turned inside out, the stars of these books absolutely wanted to go to bed, didn’t want to get dirty and couldn’t wait to finish their candy so they could finally eat their spinach.

It was playful. The art was great. I used Little Hoot for story & craft time fairly often, at both a bookstore and a pottery place. (A world that I loved to combine, as evidenced by my bedside lamp.) Watching kids catch on to the joke is one of my favorite parts of reading these books. They are delighted and I am too.

Amy finished 6 books before her death, one in collaboration with her daughter, so we’ll have a little more time with her through her amazing mind. I hope you end up loving her just as much as I do.

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