Secret History of Twin Peaks

by Jarek

Author: Mark Frost
Publisher: Flatiron Books
Publication Date:
Genre: Television
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As a fan of everything David Lynch, including the long-gone series Twin Peaks, I was very excited to hear about its return for a third season. Shortly, after that announcement, I heard about The Secret History of Twin Peaks, and honestly wrote it off. Originally, I thought the book would be pure fan service- some cast interviews, behind-the-scenes photos, that sort of thing. Instead, series co-creator Mark Frost has given us a strong heaping helping of lore and world-building.

Instead, the book is filled with documents from within the world (government files, old maps, newspaper clippings, etc.) archived by a known character *no spoilers* and presented as a dossier for this season’s new FBI agent, Tamara Preston. In a way, this book delivers on what Lynch and Frost expressed as one of the original desires they had for the show, before ABC came in and pushed for an early reveal of Laura Palmer’s killer: to have a sort of Peyton Place examination of a small town. Of course, this isn’t a replication of that, but it does quite a lot to flesh out the history and family lines of the town.

As season 3 develops, a lot of fans have asked questions that the book has already answered. And with each new episode, I flip back through these pages to refresh my memory.

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