The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

Review by Mel

Author: Michael Chabon
Publisher: Penguin/Random House
Publication Date:
Genre: Fiction
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Kavalier and Clay

Pulitzer Prize and heart-winning both, Kavalier & Clay is a four-color, action-font triumph of imagination, talent, and the bittersweet romance that is the American dream.  Chabon introduces us to deep and troubled Joe Kavalier, a young Czech-Jewish artist of pencil, pen, and “Houdini-esque escape”, along with his Brooklyn cousin Sammy Clay, a pulp writer who sees the possibilities in the bold, beautiful new medium sweeping war-worn 1939 America – the comic book.  Through twists, turns, the complications of love and profound personal disquiet, they create a superhero.  Their character the Escapist embodies the strength of steel and spirit, the fortitude and freedom, the world-changing power and possibility that their fellow Americans and themselves wish to be.  As moving and powerful for our generation as theirs.

This is also a favorite of the manager, Aja!

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