The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

Reviewed by Peg

Author: Katarina Bivald
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date:
Genre: Fiction
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Broken Wheel was a small town in Iowa named after the broken wheel on a wagon train as early settlers attempted travel west.  Sara was a young Swedish woman who traveled to Broken Wheel to visit a fellow book-lover who she had met on the internet.  Sara arrived, only to learn that her friend Amy had died and had just been buried.  City residents welcomed her, and Sara decided to stay for her visit, and she sought a way to repay their kindnesses.  She opened a bookstore in one of the town’s many abandoned shops, stocking it with Amy’s and her books.  This was not a community of book lovers, so she sought to interest the residents in reading by matching books to the various residents.  When it came time for Sara’s visa to expire, the town did not want her to leave, and neither did she.  The story of the town’s conspiracy to keep Sara is the best part of the story!


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